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Dream host is an award winning hosting provider and has proved reliable over the years. All of my niche websites are hosted on dreamhost because they make it a breeze to get a new site up and running with one-click WordPress Blog installation platform.

Even drivelife.top is hosted started on dreamhost’s extremely affordable hosting platform.
I have tested other cheaper hosting providers but cheaper comes at a cost. They either have slow customer service or their servers are oveloaded resulting is slow web page loading.

You can use a single dreamhost account to host multiple multiple wordpress sites using their own domains so there’s no need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start another website. Also, they provide outstanding customer service!

I highly recommend using dreamhost for your first website, and you can get started now at $7.95 for unlimited websites and domains

Reddit Traffic Hack. From zero to 1000+ blog visitors in less than 30 days

For many Bloggers and marketers Reddit it the ultimate hurdle. It can be tricky to get valuable traffic to promote your blog. Redditors can smell marketers from miles away and are not big fans of self promotions.

How do you start getting traffic without getting slammed by the community or getting banned outright?

If you have failed at Reddit marketing before and want to give it another go the article below is the perfect way to start. Do what Ryan Stewart, founder of Webris did and make Reddit work for you the right way.

I loved this article for the following 4  reasons.:

  1. The steps are clearly defined (4 steps actually) and easy to implement even for starters.
  2. Does not rely on “secret” grey area techniques which might get you banned.
  3. Does not require additional software or services to do it. It just takes some time and follow-up.
  4. It promises results in as little as 30 days.

Special thanks to Verena Ho from growthtext.com for sharing this insight with us. She writes very informative and action oriented articles and I strongly recommend to check them out.

Click here to get started with Reddit Marketing. If you have any questions and comments please let me know. Wish you success.

6 Proven and Actionable Email List Building Strategies

Implement these list building tips and go to 100,000 subscribers fast. Don’t need expensive courses and tools to get started. Just follow 6 simple steps.

Email marketing continues to dominate in size and effectiveness when compared to Social Media and Keyword Marketing. There are 2.9 Billion Email accounts in existence almost three times those of Twitter and Facebook combined. According to Email Marketing Analytics Company Litmus, the estimated return on investment with Email is $40 for every $1 spent in contrast to $17 for every $1 spent for keyword advertising.

Return on investment with Email is $40 for every $1 spent in contrast to $17 for every $1 spent for keyword advertising.

So the question is… If you had just one hour to invest today how would you spend it? Assuming you already have traffic coming your way but your Email list is not getting bigger, the answer is simple. Invest time to build that list.

Below I have compiled as list of actionable email list building strategies you can start implementing right away to kick start your list building efforts. Treat this as your checklist. Print it if need be, stick it to the fridge but do implement these tips below to see great results. Remember an experiment is worth a thousand theories.

1) Create great content. This is the most important point. Don’t worry, you do not need to be able to write a great Shakespearean novel or a Stephen King best seller. The most important thing to keep in mind that you always keep in mind who your target audience is and write content specifically targeting them. Content should contain actionable content and help fix a problem or concern. As a rule of thumb remember this quote: “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” Leo Burnett. Do this and you will you’ll be on your way to 100,000 subscribers.

2) Sharing is Caring. So you are creating great content? Why not encouraging your readers to share your news letter or article to their peers. Sometimes we make the mistake to assume they will automatically do if they like it but it’s definitely better if you encourage them. Make it explicit. My recommendation is to suggest it, at the beginning of each email.  If you have a blog remind them  at the end of each article and use content sharing buttons like addthis to make it super easy.

3) Promote a Contest. Whether as free gift or a 50% discount to 10 Lucky winners, a contest is very likely to spread very easily, especially if promoted on social media like Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Just make the contest enticing enough for your target market. Remember, 50% off is better than 5% off. Free always wins! Remember that this strategy works best if you add the scarcity element and fear of loss principles. Make sure you limit it to a small number of people and include a short time deadline (12, 24 or 72 hours) to encourage them to take action immediately.

4) Segmentation is a $10 word describing the process of dividing a broad market into more specific subsets to better serve the needs and interests of the specific subsets. One easy example would be selling razor blades to men and women. If you segment the market between men and women you can better serve their needs based on gender instead of throwing them in the same bag. Basically the more information you collect and know, the better the segmentation.


One very powerful technique is to carry out online surveys and create new groups out of the answers you get. Segmentation can also be done on email Marketing Response actions. Say you sent an email to your current subscribers and open rate is 20%. If your software allows it, you can split the 20% from the other 80% and send a different offer to the latter and track their response. The main benefit of segmentation is  that you can send more focused content to specific sets of people who in turn are more receptive whether it is information, advertising or webinar invitations which ultimately increases your ROI.

5) Content Locking is the current trend in Marketing to encourage user interaction with your site content. This will work well with longer posts. The concept is that say you have a top 10 List full of actionable information. You only show the first 5 items and lock the remaining 5 showing just an email subscription form to continue reading. The reader will have to enter his name and email to continue reading. This technique is a variation of the tried and tested subscribe to get a free pdf report method and works very well because the flow is not interrupted since the reader stays on the same page. One concern I may have with this method is that readers may enter a bogus email address and still getting the content unless the email address can be verified on the fly. How is this done? there are many options online but the cheapest and easiest one I found so far is Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress on codecanyon selling for $15.

This technique has two variations. The one explained above is referred to as  content cliffhanging. The other variation is content upgrade. the main difference in content upgrade is the reader will read a complete article and be offered a content upgrade to a related but still complete article. I will discuss this further in a future article.

6) Subscribe modal pop-ups. Love them or hate them modal pop-ups simply work because they provide a way to capture email leads without annoying your visitors. A pop-up can be triggered at the end of the article. This can be considered a call to action CTA for you visitor. Changes are that if your content is good they will subscribe, but remember if no pop-up shows up then it’s a 100% no subscribe. Pop-ups can also be triggered by detecting the exit intent. This works by having a java-script widget detecting when the mouse is exiting the page container and triggers the popup to load immediately. According to unbounce, popups should not appear before a user has been on the site for 60 seconds because you will experience a drop in conversion rate. So if you are reactant to add pop ups because you feel they are intrusive, make sure they don’t load before 60 seconds, but please do add them.


Way Forward

Don’t wait for next week to start implementing these strategies or you will be missing out on the opportunity to add current visitors to your list. Chances are you will forget about this article in a few days time so I suggest you treat these tips as your checklist, add it to your To Do List or print it but do take action and implement these list building techniques to see great results. Remember an experiment is worth a thousand theories. Please take the time to comment and if you have ideas and strategies other readers will benefit let us know and post in the comment box below.

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